• Faux Fur Favorites

    Faux Fur Favorites


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    Those of you that know me even just a little bit are aware of my obsession with faux fur.

    If you’ve seen me out and about or even in and about, chances are that I’m wearing a faux fur. If I’m not, then I’ll either be wearing my vintage Alpha Industries green flight jacket parka (that I got thrifting in the Bay Area for around $10) or my Betsey Johnson calf-length puffer coat (acquired at the Goodwill Bins for between $2-3).

    This post is designed to show off some of my collection and I’m sure I’ll have an update or two very soon!

    To kick off the second image in this post, it’s a picture of a faux fur by Betsey Johnson that I acquired at the Betsey Johnson outlet in Camarillo, CA. My last $125 at the time. I remember coveting this coat when I saw it before it made it to the outlet.

    This was in 1996 (so the coat might be older than you?) and I know this because it took around a year to wear it because it was never cold enough in Los Angeles. I still don’t know how I beat the heat for so many years.

    So I went to London, England in October 1997 so I actually could wear it! Half kidding, but I lived in this coat while I was there.

    Who says that you can’t be glamorous and warm at the same time?

    Here’s a pic of me in London during the night of the Skin Two Fetish Ball! I had my hair done in a sleek blowout, which wasn’t easy since this was before the blowout craze decades later. Such a happy night!

    How many Betsey Johnson coats do I have anyway? Here’s another one, this is what I call my monster fur. This coat will wear you if you’re not careful and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or however the cliche goes.

    I acquired this at Out of the Closet on Hollywood Bl., after it had been sitting overpriced during the summer for many weeks. It was marked $110 and sitting near the counter while I was checking out at the register.

    While making polite conversation with the cashier, I casually mentioned that I’d been eyeing the coat but that it was a bit out of my budget, a pity too since no one could appreciate it in the Los Angeles summer like I can.

    Wouldn’t you know, he asked me what I could afford and I said that I’d give him $60 on the spot because that was all I’d have left after making my other purchases. Who knows what the hell else I bought that day? Who cares with a coat like this?

    So I’d carbon date this coat to be closer to the year 2000. It’s hard to wear sometimes with my blue hair when I want to blend into the crowd. It’s also very warm and I’ve slept in it before on a chilly night.

    This is a vintage coat that I’ve had for aeons. I got it for $5 at a thrift store in New Orleans, I believe, in 1999 or 2000. Notice a pattern here? LOL. This coat is currently in a giant purple bag that I accidentally acquired while I was still on contract at Google. It’s a nice big nylon bag that can accommodate a coat of this size and bulk.

    The coat is in the bag needs a proper dry cleaning as my at home cleaning methods no longer suffice. There are also some issues with the lining, if I remember correctly.

    I’ve had this coat perhaps longer than the Betsey Johnson leopard one. I can’t remember where I got it, but it was in Los Angeles while thrifting. Since I’d mostly acquire faux fur based on it being very affordable and off-season, no doubt I got a great deal. This is the coat that I use when I’m cosplaying as Rachael Tyrell.

    I no longer have this coat but it was cute only for certain outfits, surprisingly with jeans. I rarely wear jeans anymore because I can’t find any that can accommodate my hips and smaller waist.

    This brown coat is from H&M and I got it for $20. Their faux fur is of surprisingly decent quality.

    Here’s another brown coat from H&M that I rarely wear.

    This is one of my favorite vintage coats! I’ve had it for at least twenty years, I’ve moved it from state to state. I got it for $10! It’s a very heavy wool and keeps you very warm and looks amazingly glamorous in the process.

    Since I’ve been dancing again, I’ve acquired some new faux furs. This coat is terrific, fits incredibly well, and is a hell of a deal on Amazon. Meet the Anself Women’s Shaggy Faux Fur Coat Solid Color Long Sleeve Short Jacket and I find that it runs pretty true to size but I do like my jackets on the more fitted side.

    Here are my two most recent acquisitions! Meet this clearance fur that I got at Target, of all places. $14!!! I could do something with the faux fur if doesn’t work out.

    This last faux fur on this page is rapidly becoming a favorite! I can’t believe that I got it at Goodwill for $9.99. What were they thinking? It’s in perfect condition and isn’t quite blush pink or beige, it’s that sweet spot in the middle.

    Edited to add that I forgot about my H&M kids coat and Altuzarra coat! Will update as soon as I find or take adequate pics!! 🙂