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  • Movie Mondays: Gaspar Noe’s LOVE

    Movie Mondays: Gaspar Noe’s LOVE

    Note: as of this posting, Gaspar Noe’s LOVE is no longer available to stream, unless you’re in the UK, via Amazon. Warning: this movie can be triggering, and I’m not sure how to put a specific on that. It’s quite sexy but the feeling it leaves you with is one of tragedy. It’s also over […]

  • Movie Mondays: The Love Witch

    Movie Mondays: The Love Witch

    So here’s a new column for this site. How about Movie Mondays? Today I received my amazing Vampira lashes from AshLash. If you haven’t checked out AshLash, you should, because their lashes are cruelty-free and amazing! Perfect for both retro and modern looks. One of their lashes is called Mantrap x Lovewitch. Coincidentally, I thought […]

  • A Retrospective

    A Retrospective

    So I stumbled upon a lot of pics that I’d nearly forgotten about. This getting older shit is intense! I feel like an entirely different person now. In no particular order but most of these were taken 2000-2004. These two pics in this latex nurse costume were taken from the very first photo shoot that […]