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  • Pop Crimes Burlesque Act

    Pop Crimes Burlesque Act

    I’m back! I missed being on stage and was supposed to have resumed my burlesque antics over two years ago.



    It was great to make some new friends and perform in a wonderful space, The Echo Theater in Portland, OR. I’ve taken aerial classes there and highly recommend the venue.

    Be safe, everyone! Oh, I made this over 8′ long vegan boa. I’m considering making them for sale in the future on my etsy shop. What do you think?!


  • BurlyCon 2020

    BurlyCon 2020

    I can’t beeeelieve that I haven’t mentioned that I’m volunteering for BurlyCon 2020 as an admin/moderator!

    BurlyCon is going all-virtual as we won’t the ‘Rona stop the glamour and fun. Tickets are still available and you can take classes a la carte or get the all-access pass. Classes are also recorded so that you can view them repeatedly and at your convenience.

    The photo above is of Burlesque legend Coby Yee.


    2020 Legend Guest of Honor

    Coby Yee

    BurlyCon is saddened to hear of the passing of our 2020 Legend of Honor, Burlesque Legend Coby Yee, who left us on August 14 at the age of 93.

    Coby Yee mesmerized audiences from the 1940s into the 1960s with her self-made, dazzling costumes and dancing. She got her start in San Francisco’s Chinatown nightclubs, then traveled the world. In 1962, she and her family took over Forbidden City and ran it until 1970.

    Ms Yee was a beloved member of the burlesque community and a brilliant influence to so many. She paved the way for Asian-Americans and People of Color in show business and burlesque. We so appreciate her performances and leadership in The Grant Avenue Follies, as a solo performer, and with her partner Stephen whom she continued to perform with until very recently.

    Coby Yee is our Burlesque Hall of Fame, 2020 Legend of the Year, presented by Miss Exotic World, Frankie Fictitious.

    All of us at BurlyCon miss her and are deeply appreciative of her influence and work as a true pioneer in burlesque. Her passing reminds us of how precious a resource our legends are, and how essential it is that every day we learn all that we can of their individual histories.

    We offer our deepest condolences to her family and those close to her.

    I’ve had the opportunity to moderate classes featuring the talents of Kitty Kapowww, Jeez Loueez, The Shanghai Pearl, Taryn Luce, and more! 
    You can get tickets for BurlyCon here and the convention goes until Nov. 20th!

  • Lingerie Brands I Love!

    Lingerie Brands I Love!
    I’ve been a lingerie lover for a very, very long time!

    Even before I had experienced puberty, I’d admire the small details of bras that I would see at a store or in magazines.

    I love lingerie so much and want to collect a lot more of it. This is currently my favorite bra, strangely enough, it’s a pushup from Victoria’s Secret, and I don’t have very many things by them.

    The Victoria’s Secret catalog arrived all the time in my household and it seemed to tell a story way back when. It wasn’t as garish and one-dimensional as it seems to be today.

    Exhibit A, from 1979:

    Let’s not forget about the old Playboys that would be lying around my uncle’s house.

    The following are designers and smaller companies that are a little off the beaten path. I appreciate them because of their aesthetic, their commitment to sizes for most everybody, and their inclusiveness of POC (people of color).

    You might have already heard of Bettie Page Lingerie. They’re a division of Playful Promises.

    I love love love love their modern bullet bras, and this is me wearing one of them!

    Playful Promises recently did a campaign with Leyth Bloom, a famous model who happens to be transgender and an activist. It’s a beautiful campaign and I know one of the gals in it (link is NSFW).

    I recently discovered Dottie’s Delights. How could you NOT be in love with this company? Their motto is: burlesque and pin-up inspired lingerie for the vintage aesthetic connoisseur.

    This is the Shangri-la Bra from their I’d Rather Be with the Girls collection.

    Check out their other ranges. They’re a little on the pricier side but it’s nothing like Agent Provocateur.

    Fraulein Kink. I have no words, just look at this pic!

    Lucy B. needs no introduction to lovers of vintage-inspired lingerie.

    Marie Mur is a very recent find and if you can’t find a leather harness here, then you have no imagination. 😉

    Check out Nina and the Wolf, if not for only their beautiful imagery. Pricey and seems better suited for the itty bitty titty committee (of which I used to be a card-carrying member).

    If you want to look like a cupcake and/or are into Kawaii, then Purrfect Pineapples is the Etsy store for you!

    What Katie Did is another vintage-inspired brand that’s been around awhile. Isn’t this bra magnificent?

    I’ll be updating this list very soon and until then, check out the following lingerie blogs:

    Estelle X
    Hugs for Your Jugs
    Kisses from the Moon
    Place de la Dentelle
    The Lace Appeal
    The Lingerie Addict
    Wishful Inking