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  • Blade Runner Fashion

    Blade Runner Fashion
    Rachael by Craig Drake


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    It’s not a big secret that both Blade Runner movies are my favorites, the first movie and the most recent, Blade Runner 2049. I’ve been rereading the Phillip K. Dick novel that started it all, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I recommend listening to it via audiobook.

    Anyhow, I was doing some random searching in the wee hours of the morning and cannot BELIEVE that I somehow missed this editorial photo spread back in the day!!

    Steven Meisel has long been regarded as one of the top fashion photographers in history. This solidifies it and the fashion, oh my goodness! Thierry Mugler, check.

    I Have Seen Things…

    Photographer: Steven Meisel
    Stylist: Bill Mullen
    Model: Eugenia Silva
    Make-Up: Pat McGrath
    Hair: Garren

    This editorial is from the VOGUE Italia issue from March 1998.

    Before I discovered the existence of that spread, I also found these images:

  • Happy 2019!!

    Happy 2019!!

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    Happy New Year 2019! 

    Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I wish you love and happiness and prosperity! 

    So the below pic is a reminder to me of how much I love fencing and how I need to get back to 1x per week, if not twice!

    This is the me from yesterday when I was trying on all the new glasses I got during the Sunglass Spot 50% off sale.

    I’d practiced doing some literal avant garde makeup the other night when I went on a date to Quarterworld. Humble brag, sorry not sorry, it was easy for me to get the top score on Galaga but I was actually tired and got a little sloppy.
    Plus I wanted to play most of the pinball and also go to The Space Room and play a game of pool somewhere.

    I’ve been thinking of everything that I want to do now that I’m getting a better handle on some momentary diversions. Between some anxiety and depression, it was very hard to manage my challenging attention span (or lack thereof). Perhaps it was vice versa.

    I had felt unproductive. That’s an understatement!

    Not feeling up to par affected every single thing that was going on, from all of my side hustles to personal relationships really sucks. I try and do my best but even I was annoying myself.

    This made me laugh a lot, even though I’m doing a better job distancing myself on Facebook lately. I know better than to do a third party auth but the results that my friend got were so spot on, just this once.

    So I got a kickass new haircut that I love tremendously. My new stylist is also helping me to work on a hair plan and it requires me to make a hardcore resolution: not to cut my OWN bangs in between appointments. 

    So far so good but who am I kidding? I have multiple pairs of haircutting scissors and need to hide them from myself.

    And don’t you just adore my new to me phone case by Valfre? I wanted this kitty cat phone case but wasn’t prepared to shell out $38 just yet. I’ve got one of the first iPhone 6 phones and I’m surprised the battery hasn’t crapped out on me yet!

    One of my other blogs has been getting more traffic again, just when I’d nearly given up on it. Not give up, per se, I had just felt resentful that I wasn’t scoring as many awesome items for resale. 

    I’ve got some sponsorship opportunities and want to best position them with my newfound title of ‘microinfluencer.’

    That said, I’m glad to see that the pendulum is swinging in terms of people going to other people’s websites. No more platform exclusivity where your content isn’t your own. I guess I’m kind of doing that with Blogspot but I’ve gotten so frustrated with the several times a day WordPress updates that have been breaking things in a big way. Not just on my stuff but on clients’ websites.

  • Copyright Free Sounds and Videos

    Copyright Free Sounds and Videos

    Copyright free sounds and videos can be hard to find! 

    I initially searched for appropriate sound effects that I wanted to use for a podcast. I didn’t find what I needed in a reasonable amount of time, so here’s a list for you so you don’t have to spend a long time as I did.

    Disclaimer: I am not a legal professional and am not responsible for any misinformation and content on the other sites that I’m linking here.

    Here are some great resources for free stock sounds!


    Sounds range from one second through many minutes. It’s fun to browse their database. I didn’t check out their forums. Note: you need to register for a free account before you can download sounds.
    Freesound has an outdated appearance but don’t let that fool you! There are tons of sounds to choose from, all royalty free.


    Musopen’s mission is to “set music free”. This site provides recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public, for free. Featuring classical music, there’s a wealth of music and resources here.
    I love the Musopen Music Discovery Tool and was able to quickly find this piece by Johannes Brahms. I also learned a lot about the pieces that I did research with their factual information prefacing each download. Note: you need to register for a free account to download.


    Unsplash is the site that inspired Wowa. As of this post, there are only 16 tracks available. However, they are very unique and conveniently labeled with their respective BPMs. Here’s Bowers + Wilkins, my favorite on this site. It reminds me of Glass Animals! In those days 1R16 will be useful for a couple of projects that I have in mind.

    YouTube Audio Library

    Of course, there would be royalty free music on YouTube. There’s just about everything else! Lovers, Entwined by Hainbach is labeled cinematic | dramatic and suits the label perfectly, don’t you think?

    Let’s move onto some great resources for free stock videos!


    Cinemagraphs are short still photos containing a small repeated animation that plays on a loop.


    From their site:

    F word as a value:
    Free. Yes, our videos are free and we’re aiming to keep them that way. Not because we don’t believe that a good video deserves to be paid for, but because we know many businesses can’t afford these and there’s so much beautiful footage out there that will never be used unless shared with the public.

    Motion Places

    Motion Places provides creatives with free stock footage from around the world. We believe that simple is best and quality matters. We film, edit, and curate everything in the collection. There are no ads, no affiliate links, and no sign-up requirements. Just a simple, curated, and growing collection of beautiful footage you can use.


    Pexels is well-known for their royalty-free stock photos but they also have a decent selection of videos, although none are in 4k.


    Pixabay is known mostly for its free stock photos, but did you know that they also have free illustrations and vector graphics?

    Stock Footage for Free

    There are 13 categories of footage available on Stock Footage for Free and they include Mansions+ Wealth, which is this screenshot.


    Footage from Videezy is royalty free for personal and commercial use, but users are asked to credit ‘Videezy.com’ in their projects.


    Videvo has thousands of free stock videos, motion graphics, music tracks and sound effects worth checking out.

    There you have it! Thanks so much for getting to the end. Please feel free to reach out and let me know if I missed any other sites as I’d love to update this post accordingly.