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  • I Almost Deleted This Blog!

    I Almost Deleted This Blog!

    WTF. So, how’s it going?


    I mean, really?

    And can you believe that I almost did something fairly permanent??

    Ok. Deep breath. 
    I was about to this website altogether!! Before nearly doing so, I decided to make it private and not visible to the world before I made my final decision.
    2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, right? I’m now 46, although pandemic birthdays aren’t quite like normal but hey, at least I’m alive to have another one.
    So clearly, since you’re reading this, it means that I did NOT delete this blog. In these times of very real uncertainty, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to keep up this alter ego. Or if I actually wanted to, honestly.
    I’m not a quitter, though. It’s true, sometimes it takes me a very long time to finish my projects. I usually have at least 10 things going on at once.
    I’ve had a lot more time to spend at home, sheltering in place, on a lot of things, including overthinking. I’ve been doing my best to chill out and prioritize things. 
    Now that I have decided to not delete this blog and alter ego, I’d like to hone in more on writing here and sharing pictures, of course. The refocus will be on sharing what I feel is my most glamorous and best version of myself. COVID-19 and all.
    It’s been hard, though. Daily reality continually creeps in and bursts my bubble, imagine that.
    Hopefully you’re feeling healthy and safe. With all of the ridiculousness in the world, I’m doing my best to not get overwhelmed by the latest crap in the news.
    My reality this fall will be homeschooling though, and what’s a modern gal to do? I never ever imagined that I’d be June Cleaver so we’ll see.
    I’m also not tone deaf to the ills going on around the world. I do my best use my “white-appearing Latina” privilege and resources whenever I can, to speak up for the marginalized. What’s happening right now in Portland and now in Chicago is horrifying, I never thought I’d see the day where we’d live in a police state.
    That said, we must be diligent citizens. Wear your damn mask!
    So I’ve been working on a couple of YouTube channels and here are the recent videos:
    I’m also on TikTok, and that’s been a little odd because I got 100 followers there in like 2 days. They’re also heavy on censorship so we’ll see how long I last and what I end up posting.


  • Super Duper Old YouTube Video

    Super Duper Old YouTube Video
    Requisite still from the first video so that Blogger has a featured image to show!
    This is a video I made during the first time I lived in Portland, in 2010. I’ll be doing more video logs in the near future.
    Here’s one I made yesterday with my Macbook and Photo Booth. Practice makes perfect or something?