• New? Start Here

    New? Start Here

    Hi. and welcome!

    I’m incredibly excited as I’m putting this new blog, vlog, and brand together.

    Truthfully I’m not quite sure where to start, because I feel like I’ve been writing this blog my entire life—in my journals and occasionally on my other blogs, from the days of LiveJournal to the ones that are dedicated to my favorite niches.

    I write every day but it never gets out there—most of my thoughts and mini revelations have been kept to myself over the years.

    However, I feel like now is the time to finally take the leap and start sharing what I have. It would be selfish and a shame to keep it all to myself, right? Maybe you (yes you, I’m talking to you) need it too. Or maybe you don’t.

    What if you know somebody else who does, whom you can share this with? Either way, I’m learning to put myself out there and share more freely and abundantly. Throughout the years I’ve battled enormous insecurity and low self-esteem and navigated the waves of the resulting depression and anxiety. The tide is in right now and I feel as if I have a decent handle of things.

    When I look in the mirror, I can still see traces of the 10-year-old me below. Forever a nerd, but I think that reinvention is key, as long as you don’t hurt anyone. The pic below was taken near my school, Melrose Avenue Elementary, and I was born into fashion and the entertainment industries, with both of my parents being early precursors to the modern stylists of today.

    Sharing is spreading valuable and empowering info that otherwise would be kept locked in a tomb. Did the Egyptians really take it all with them anyway?

    At this point with my advancing age and all, I’m over being reserved about my thoughts and opinions. I’m going to share what I believe is meaningful in hopes that it reaches somebody out there and makes a real difference. Hell yeah, why not? And that is why I’m so freakin’ excited.

    Remember, if it isn’t exquisite, get rid of it!

    This goes for relationships as well as items that adorn you and your personal space.

    The world belongs to those of us who work to become our best selves, crafting our lives, just the way we’ve always imagined. We’re in this together. So let’s kick some serious ass.

    What Is Rachael Tyrell?

    Rachael Tyrell is a special space on the Internet for the dreamers who believe, electric sheep be damned.  

    Rachael Tyrell is dedicated to the exploration of all of my personal niches. Some of them are unique on their own but I think I do a good job of integrating many different niches.

    Everybody is an artist in their own right—we can all create and live the life that we have imagined and dreamed of. We have the power to create our own world to our liking, and it starts with ourselves.

    And we should love/like ourselves and our lives fully—if there’s ever something that we don’t love, we have the power to change it and steer our lives in the direction we choose.

    The more creative we become, the more we open our eyes to the endless possibilities in which we can shape our lives. It takes practice and repetition to train our brains to think in new ways, but it’s worth it. Once you take 100% responsibility and control over your life, you will never feel stuck and you can make anything happen.

    For me personally, this means a life of purpose, love, and goodness, sprinkled with tons of creativity, music, art, beauty, knowledge, wisdom, and culture.

    To you, it may mean something else. We each have our own innate sense what our ideal life and world consists of. Our duties are to live those ideal lives and create ideal worlds around us in order to collectively contribute to a better, more beautiful world as a whole.

    In this way, we leave our own legacy and footprint in society and hopefully contribute to shaping its future. This is a sense of purpose that I’m excited about.
    Through Rachael Tyrell, I will be sharing everything I learn in becoming a better artist throughout life, covering topics in lifestyle, personal growth, music, creativity, culture, and whatever else moves me.

    I’m one of the people that refuses to stop learning, and as I continue to learn: to read, take classes, meet new people, and find inspiration, I find myself in awe and in love with life again. It’s been a while.

    It’s fun to discover what my readers read, learn, and are inspired by as well. Here’s a toast to you, let’s take a few to toast all of you, the ones who are driven by such fire, curiosity, and zest for life—the ones who maybe get me. I see you, too.

    Cheers to your ideas, unique knowledge and skillsets. Here’s to your tenacity in never settling for less!