• Movie Mondays: The Love Witch

    Movie Mondays: The Love Witch

    So here’s a new column for this site. How about Movie Mondays?

    Today I received my amazing Vampira lashes from AshLash. If you haven’t checked out AshLash, you should, because their lashes are cruelty-free and amazing! Perfect for both retro and modern looks.

    One of their lashes is called Mantrap x Lovewitch. Coincidentally, I thought of the movie The Love Witch again. You must see it if you haven’t already done so. 

    Don’t be a square like me and wait until earlier this year to do so. Come to think of it, I’ve waited a long time to see particular “must-see” movies and I make no apologies for that. Again, super square. Most of the time, it was unintentional.

    One of the gals in my burlesque class at the beginning of the year (seems soooo long ago, right?) had mentioned her costume ideas and inspirations during class. Me: “what’s The Love Witch?”

    Here’s the trailer:

    It’s a campy and now cult classic. The attention to detail, between the set and costume design, and everything else really, is impeccable.

    Here’s an interview with Anna Biller, the writer, director, stylist, etc.. and a tutorial for makeup inspired by The Love Witch.

    Samantha Robinson plays the title character, Elaine Parks. The movie reminds me of Valley of the Dolls, movies by Russ Meyer, and 60’s horror films. The film was shot in 35mm, which is unusual these days.

    Note that the movie is set in modern day, but is designed to seem otherwise.

    Here are some stills from the movie. 

    I highly recommend this movie. All of the scenes are stylish and I can’t say that about most any movies or tv shows.

    NSFW because of nudity and some violence. There are no “jump scares.”
    Let me know what movie genres you’re interested in seeing here in the future!
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