• Wishlist

    Here’s the link to my Amazon wishlist.


    I’ve been so grateful for the goodies that friends, acquaintances, and fans have sent my way! It’s not cheap to be a sex symbol or something? 

    Some of the items I’ve received (especially the clothing) due to your generosity feature heavily in many pics. You can see some of my outfits in the sexy pics link in the navigation menu above. 
    I’ve been a cosplayer since the ’90s believe it or not and will be adding some things for cosplaying, too. If anyone would have told me that I’d be paid to be sexy nowadays, I wouldn’t have believed them! 
    If you’re old school like me and want to send gifts my way via snail mail, here’s my address: 
    Rachael T.
    3848 SE Division St. #110
    Portland, OR 97202

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I super appreciate it! 

     I’m eternally grateful for the surprises that I receive from my Amazon Wishlist. I’m looking forward to more costumes and backgrounds for future sets and videos.