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  • I Almost Deleted This Blog!

    I Almost Deleted This Blog!

    WTF. So, how’s it going? I mean, really? And can you believe that I almost did something fairly permanent?? Ok. Deep breath.  I was about to this website altogether!! Before nearly doing so, I decided to make it private and not visible to the world before I made my final decision. 2020 has been quite […]

  • A Retrospective

    A Retrospective

    So I stumbled upon a lot of pics that I’d nearly forgotten about. This getting older shit is intense! I feel like an entirely different person now. In no particular order but most of these were taken 2000-2004. These two pics in this latex nurse costume were taken from the very first photo shoot that […]

  • Evolution


    It’s been nearly six months since I’ve updated this blog. Stating the obvious here, but even I was surprised that so much time had passed. I’ve had everything and yet nothing to say at the same time. How much to reveal, how much to keep to myself? I wish I could look like this all […]

  • New? Start Here

    New? Start Here

    Hi. and welcome! I’m incredibly excited as I’m putting this new blog, vlog, and brand together. Truthfully I’m not quite sure where to start, because I feel like I’ve been writing this blog my entire life—in my journals and occasionally on my other blogs, from the days of LiveJournal to the ones that are dedicated to […]

  • Happy 2019!!

    Happy 2019!!

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin‘  Happy New Year 2019!  Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I wish you love and happiness and prosperity!  So the below pic is a reminder to me of how much I love fencing and how I need to get back to 1x per week, if not twice! […]

  • Wishlist


    Here’s the link to my Amazon wishlist. I’ve been so grateful for the goodies that friends, acquaintances, and fans have sent my way! It’s not cheap to be a sex symbol or something? Some of the items I’ve received (especially the clothing) due to your generosity feature heavily in many pics. You can see some […]

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    Hiding in Plain Sight

    Or should that be site? This post has been a long time in the making. When people I know very well ask me how I’m doing, I go with the expected “fine” or “good, how are you?” so that I don’t have to explain anything. It’s even harder to fake it when people ask me […]